The difficult we do immediately,
the impossible takes a little longer

Our team develops and implements the tools of planning and business management for over 12 years.

About us

Didah was founded in August 2004. Its principal activities include the development of software and advanced program products with their further implementation into the real production and support throughout the life cycle.

The company has huge and fruitful experience in implementation of projects for the territorially remote clients. Our price-quality ratio is unique owing largely to the fact that the company supports and forwards projects focused on the open-source software. It provides the clients with an opportunity to get the first-class and highly professional results without the overpayment.


How we work

Activity analysis

Before starting a project, our team analyses the activities of a client and identifies the needs of each particular unit of a company.

Solution development

In the next stage of a project, we assess the received data and create the architecture of the future application.

A customized implementation of the system

The program product is introduced by modules (parts) to the business logic of the client. During the implementation process, the client can have a direct impact on the further development of the product.

Product support

After implementing the system and throughout its life cycle, our team supports and finalizes the program product as needed.

Gold clients